Editing PowerShell scripts from the ISE command line, part 2

A couple of days ago, I talked about using the ISE command line to create script lines in the active script tab. My process was: Switch to the email program, Copy the job name or full line out of the error email, Switch back to the PowerShell ISE, and Up-Arrow to create each new line […]

Use Shift-Enter (not Enter) to continue lines in the ISE command pane

Something that’s been bugging me for a while is that I couldn’t remember how to continue lines in the ISE command pane. Of course, in a regular PowerShell window, you can just press Enter to continue entering a command on the next line: PS C:\Users\Owner> 1..10 | Where-Object{ ($_ % 2) -eq 0 } 2 […]

Editing PowerShell scripts from the ISE command line

One of the things I do at work involves creating scripts to run a Ruby script. For each line in each script I create, I have to: Go to our secondary email program Copy a job name (a word, basically) or an entire line from an error email Change to an editing program (like the […]

ISE_Cew and other ISE add-ons

A few weeks ago, I worked my way through a Lynda.com course on the Windows PowerShell ISE. The current version of the ISE has an Add-On menu item that links directly to the PowerShell ISE Add-Ons page at microsoft.com. One particular add-on was particularly interesting to me, since I’m trying to bring to bear what […]

testing PowerShell with Pester

I’ve been diving back in to – well, dipping my toe in the chilly waters of – PowerShell for some scripting here at my Data Processing job. Several years ago, I learned the hard way (i.e., after writing a couple hundred lines of Ruby script) that although much of our processing automation was written without unit […]

Where it all started – the Monad Manifesto

PowerShell originally started as a project called “Monad” within Microsoft. The original Monad Manifesto[PDF] was written by Jeffrey Snover back in August 2002. BTW, one of the major influences on Monad was a paper by John Ousterhaut: Scripting: HigherLevel Programming for the 21st Century[PDF] It’s interesting to read Snover’s original manifesto and see how much of […]

Automating web browsing using PowerShell

A lot of our Production Quality Control (QC) operations where I work require checking that data has been uploaded to one of our websites, using either one of our internal tools, or our backdoor access to one of our customer-facing sites. This is all right when we’re checking a couple of customer jobs, but gets […]

Another PowerShell resource

Another resource I’ve been mining in the last week or so: PowerShell.org, an independent community for PowerShell users. Something at PowerShell.org that you won’t find at every other PowerShell resource: the PowerScripting Podcast, currently on episode 289. As I get time, I’m paging back through the archives to find episodes that are of interest to me […]