ISE_Cew and other ISE add-ons

A few weeks ago, I worked my way through a course on the Windows PowerShell ISE. The current version of the ISE has an Add-On menu item that links directly to the PowerShell ISE Add-Ons page at One particular add-on was particularly interesting to me, since I’m trying to bring to bear what […]

testing PowerShell with Pester

I’ve been diving back in to – well, dipping my toe in the chilly waters of – PowerShell for some scripting here at my Data Processing job. Several years ago, I learned the hard way (i.e., after writing a couple hundred lines of Ruby script) that although much of our processing automation was written without unit […]

PSFTP links

I’m trying to develop some scripts to handle data on some of the web servers we push data to at work. I’m using PowerShell, because I can be fairly sure it will be available on the local hosts that we connect to the web servers from. There is a “PSFTP” module that wraps .NET  calls […]

Writing checklists for data processing troubleshooting

I’m getting back into technical documentation at my job – in fact, I just had my work goals for the new year* approved – Rework the SharePoint documentation site (that I originally created) Collect existing documentation and write new documentation for one particular large customer Create e-learning User Guide to teach co-workers how to use the SharePoint […]

Selecting colors in Photoshop

I was editing some slightly overexposed pictures set against a white background, and decided I wanted to do a quick adjustment on the model without affecting the color of the background. I’m a total Photoshop novice, so my first impulse was to grab the Quick Selection tool – but there were a number of areas […]

Directory structure for a (non-web) Python project

I’ve been studying Python for several years, off and on, but I’m only now getting traction on applying it at work. One of the things I’m struggling with right now is how best to arrange the directory structure when using object-oriented design where some objects inherit from others, when I’m doing the development on my […]

Logo links

Slate linked to an upcoming Taschen book titled Logo Modernism. As Taschen’s site describes it, This unprecedented TASCHEN publication, authored by Jens Müller, brings together approximately 6,000 trademarks, focused on the period 1940–1980, to examine how modernist attitudes and imperatives gave birth to corporate identity. Seeing the Slate link reminded me that I’ve had Logo […]

TDD with Python book at O’Reilly

I thought I bookmarked this a long time ago – apparently I didn’t. O’Reilly’s Test-Driven Development with Python (by Harry Percival) is still available to read online at the O’Reilly Atlas site (formerly O’Reilly’s Chimera Labs, if I remember correctly and if the URL is any guide). Percival’s book was made available to read for […]

Business Insider – The Best Websites To Find Freelance Work

From Business Insider: The Best Websites To Find Freelance Work. I had a post on a similar topic three years ago – Websites for Finding Design and Programming Jobs. Some of the sites in that post were for regular full-time jobs, but at least half of the sites included freelance jobs. Of course, there are a couple […]