workaround when Adobe Bridge CS6 won’t start

I’m trying to build up my Photoshop skills, and have been reviewing’s “Foundations of Photoshop” course.

Part of the course involves using the Mini Bridge to pull up pictures for editing. I want to review all the parts of the course, so I tried to start Bridge (which must be running separately in order for the Mini Bridge to work).

Unfortunately, Bridge would not start. Windows (Vista SP2 32-bit) gave me an error message that “Adobe Bridge CS6 has stopped running.” Thanks, Windows, but I’d pretty much figured that out on my own.

Happily, though, I found a workaround at

Since Adobe Photoshop CS2 (and Bridge CS2) had been installed on the computer previously, I had to create an empty “Bridge CS2” folder in C:\User\Edward\AppData\Roaming\Adobe. After that, I was able to start Adobe Bridge CS6 with no problems (I didn’t even have to restart Photoshop).

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