Evolving Code Monkey is BACK!

For the past year, I’ve let this blog go while working as a Toastmasters Area Governor. Actually, I let the blog go before that – but I certainly didn’t take time to bring it up to date since I got the Area Governor post last August.

I’m wrapping up my first year as an Area Governor, and signed up for a second year – but now that I know what to expect from that, I can devote some time and attention to other things.

Unfortunately for me, the blog software I was using (BlogEngine 2.5) crashed, and I’ve been unable to restore the blog on its original hosting. I’m going to have to bring it back online by copying the text from an XML dump, which will take some time. But the Monkey will be back up as soon as I can manage – and I’m going forward with new posts as well.

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