Getting back to JavaScript

I’m adding a new Category to this blog, because I’m getting serious about a new subject: JavaScript.

In some ways, it’s a natural development of some work I’m doing at my job. As I wrote previously, I’ve decided to try automating our web Quality Control (QC) processes using PowerShell to drive Internet Explorer.  Of course, a lot of the available information on accessing the browser Document Object Model (DOM) is written for JavaScript programmers. In fact, JavaScript is more likely to be the go-to choice for browser automation.

I do intend to keep moving forward with my QC automation project with PowerShell and IE because it would be a zero-footprint option – our work desktops have PowerShell and Internet Explorer installed, whereas a JavaScript-based solution would require installing and configuring additional software on my coworkers’ PCs. However, there’s nothing to stop me from installing, say, Selenium WebDriver and Node.js to automate the other browsers we use (Firefox and Chrome, mainly) and improve my knowledge of the DOM.

I’m somewhere between “beginner” and “intermediate” in my current JavaScript knowledge. I’m going to be focusing on JavaScript and PowerShell and leaving other scripting languages (Python, Ruby) alone for a while.

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