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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Are you using the bouba/kiki effect in your graphics designs?

What in the name of Robin Williams is the bouba/kiki effect?

Business Insider talked with brand strategist Sasha Stack about the bouba/kiki effect and more. It’s a good short read and gives a little bit of insight toward the work of branding.

How do you deal with PDFs and large tables responsively?

Inspired Magazine suggests one approach: treat them like maps.

Vitaly Friedman, one of the co-founders of Smashing Magazine, presented a talk on Real-Life Responsive Web Design.

While I was writing the first iteration of Evolving Code Monkey, I’d read that “Content Curation” was Important.

I just didn’t know what Content Creation was.

Here’s Beth Kanter‘s classic take – Content Curation Primer.

A fairly technical article by Clinton Forry at AListApart on using metadata (Facebook Open Graph and/or Twitter Cards) to make your content more “Like”-able on Twitter and Facebook – that is, using metadata to help Facebook (and Google+ or LinkedIn, which also use FB’s OG) content-sharing dialogs decide how to automatically populate things like title, description, and post image:

“Like”-able Contest: Spread Your Message with Third-Party Metadata

For those of us using WordPress, web designer and author Paul Jarvis shared the code he uses to inject Twitter and OG metadata in WordPress pages and blog posts.