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Category Archives: Graphics Design

Slate linked to an upcoming Taschen book titled Logo Modernism. As Taschen’s site describes it,

This unprecedented TASCHEN publication, authored by Jens Müller, brings together approximately 6,000 trademarks, focused on the period 1940–1980, to examine how modernist attitudes and imperatives gave birth to corporate identity.

Seeing the Slate link reminded me that I’ve had Logo Lounge sitting in an open tab in my browser for, well, months…

I’ll never be a great graphics designer (I’d rather code), but anyone who works with graphics (even if it’s only coding a web framework that “consumes” graphics) ought to seek inspiration from others’ works.


Are you using the bouba/kiki effect in your graphics designs?

What in the name of Robin Williams is the bouba/kiki effect?

Business Insider talked with brand strategist Sasha Stack about the bouba/kiki effect and more. It’s a good short read and gives a little bit of insight toward the work of branding.

Everyone hates Comic Sans – but why? Do people really react differently to  similar typefaces like Times New Roman, Baskerville, and Georgia?

If typogragy questions like these keep you up at night, you’ll find some  answers in How typeface influences the way we read and think (,

It turns out there’s a measureable difference between the familiar Times New Roman and Baskerville or Georgia. The difference can even affect your term paper grade!

(additional Fun Fact: the name “Georgia” comes from a tabloid newspaper headline: “Alien Heads Found in Georgia”)