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From Business Insider: The Best Websites To Find Freelance Work.

I had a post on a similar topic three years ago – Websites for Finding Design and Programming Jobs. Some of the sites in that post were for regular full-time jobs, but at least half of the sites included freelance jobs. Of course, there are a couple of sites that are on both lists.

The sites from the Business Insider story are:

  1. Upwork (formerly oDesk, which was on the earlier list)
  2. Toptal
  3. Elance (also on the 2012 list)
  4. Freelancer
  5. Craigslist
  6. Guru (also on the 2012 list)
  7. 99designs
  8. Peopleperhour (also on the 2012 list)
  9. Freelance Writing Gigs
  10. Demand Media
  11. College Recruiter
  12. GetACoder (also on the 2012 list)
  13. iFreelance
  14. Project4hire
  15. SimplyHired

And just like in my 2012 post, I’m not linking to the sites that Business Insider compiled. Instead, I encourage you to check out the Business Insider post for yourself to get capsule reviews of the sites, as well as direct links.

[originally published 31 January 2012 08:00]

From (which bills itself as The Curious Side of Smashing Magazine) comes

Help Wanted: Websites for Finding Design and Programming Jobs

The post lists 18 sites for finding Web design work, including both traditional job boards and freelance referral sites.

Curiously, however, the post doesn’t list Stack Overflow Careers, the job board arm of Joel Spolsky’s Stack Overflow tech advice sites. Stack Overflow Careers claims to have the best job listings from great companies. From what I’ve seen, it’s a great site. In fact, I’ve encountered attractive jobs just “in passing”, while looking up answers on the Stack Overflow advice boards or reading Joel’s blog.

BTW, while I was looking for Stack Overflow Careers, I happened across this post from the ServerFault blog:

So You Want to Get a Job in Information Technology?

(ServerFault is one of the Stack Overflow sites, of course)

But I digress – what are the 18 sites listed in the Noupe post?

  1. Freelance Switch (freelance – duh! – jobs for design, development, writing, illustration, Flash)
  2. Smashing Jobs (full time and freelance positions for design and development)
  3. Sensational Jobs (design and development jobs)
  4. WP Hired (full time and freelance, for WordPress theme design and plugin development)
  5. WordPress Jobs (jobs for designers, developers, bloggers, and WP installation/maintenance)
  6. Authentic Jobs (full time, freelance, and internships, for design and development)
  7. Coroflot (design jobs – you can upload your design profile)
  8. Woojobs (WordPress design, development, and support jobs)
  9. Krop (fulltime and freelance for designers, directors, and other Web “creatives”)
  10. Behance (designers, directors, and other creatives)
  11. 37 Signals (design and development jobs – 37 Signals is the developer of BaseCamp and Ruby on Rails, BTW)
  12. Programmer Meet Designer (“A great website that lets designers and programmers find each other” – cool!)
  13. Elance (if you’re a working freelancer, you probably already know this one)
  14. oDesk (combines freelance postings with an online time tracking setup – allows employers to track the time the freelancers spend working on projects)
  15. People Per Hour (design, development, and writing positions – fixed fee as well as by the hour)
  16. ScriptLance (freelance for developers, writers, designers, and marketers)
  17. Guru (freelance for design, programming, writing, and marketing)
  18. GetACoder (for designers and writers as well as coders – er, developers/programmers)
For more information (and links to all the sites), check out the Noupe article.