Website Magazine – Inspiration – 5 Destinations for Designers

[originally published 6 January 2012 20:51] A few months ago, I ran across a short post on Website Magazine on Inspiration: 5 Destinations for Designers  The five destinations are: Forrst Dribbble DesignInspiration Layer Tennis Tumblr / Quora / Twitter Of the seven sites listed above, I found Layer Tennis the most fun. What is Layer Tennis? […]

Programming Windows Phone 7 – free ebook download from Microsoft

When I installed Microsoft’s Visual Web Developer Express Edition last year, I was surprised to find that the available downloads included a package for writing Windows Phone 7 apps. Surprised, because I was not aware that any Windows Phone 7 devices were actually on the market. Now it’s 2012, I own a Windows Phone, and […]

Android Market Hits 400,000 Apps – Google Launches Android Training

Google’s Android Market hit 400,000 apps last weekend. Do you believe Google thinks that’s enough apps? If so, think again. In fact, Google has just announced a program to increase the number of Android developers – and it’s free. Google Android Training is an online training program. Currently, there are 34 lessons in 11 sections. […]

Smashing Magazine – Stop Designing Pages And Start Designing Flows

[originally published 4 January 2012 16:09] Many years ago, I read and was inspired by Seth Godin’s book on user flow design, The Big Red Fez. Seth never used the term “user flow” if I remember correctly. But The Big Red Fez was all about the desirability of articulating the goal of one’s website, then designing […]

CodeAcademy and Code Year – Learn to Code in 2012

From CodeAcademy (via TechCrunch and LinkedIn) comes Code Year. Sign up (with a valid email address) on the Code Year site, and you’ll get a new programming lesson in your inbox every week. From the TechCrunch story: Codecademy co-founder Zach Sims tells me that the courses will be a mix of everything so people have “well-rounded basics,” […]

The Obliteration Room and ThisIsColossal art and design blog

[originally published 2 January 2012 23:21] This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids This December, in a surprisingly simple yet ridiculously amazing installation for the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, artist Yayoi Kusama constructed a large domestic environment, painting every wall, chair, table, piano, and household decoration a […]